Jan Blancato, PhD


Dr. Blancato is a Professor of Oncology at the Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center at Georgetown. She is a Board Certified ACMG Clinical Cytogeneticist and Director of the Cytogenetics Shared Resource at Lombardi, which provides services in classical and molecular cytogenetics in both human tissues and mouse model specimens. Her laboratory research interests include the study of genes that affect breast and ovarian cancer tumor progression in familial and sporadic cases, such as c-myc and syk, and the delineation of cellular markers for use in patient screening and the design of therapeutic approaches. She is particularly interested in the study of 3D structure of chromosomal telomeric associations, an early event in telomere changes that affects genetic instability in cells. Dr. Blancato also teaches Cancer Genetics and Tumor Biology in the medical and graduate school, and to undergraduates at the University of the District of Columbia.